Changing the Designing World

How often do you need stunning graphics for your marketing or website only to find that a good professional graphics designer is hard to find. Many businesses opt to hire a full-time in-house graphics designer at very high costs. Others opt to engage freelance designers with mixed results.

What if you had access to top graphics designers for a flat fee per month? You get as many designs done as you want with unlimited revisions. This is a first in the world of marketing. For a monthly subscription, gives you access to a network of professional graphic design agency. This is quite advantageous if you deal in graphics heavy work; web designers, marketers, social media, expos, travel etc.

How does it compare hiring an independent graphics designer vs. subscribing to

•    Cost

It costs $3500-4500 per month to employ a graphics designer in-house and full-time. It costs $25-55 to hire a good graphics designer on freelance sites. For a small business requiring a few graphics designs per week, neither option is very attractive. Whereas hiring a freelancer is more affordable than employing full-time, most of the top freelance designers are almost always fully engaged. offers a more attractive monthly subscription model. For $295 you get as many designs as you want. Clearly, there is no cheaper offer on the market than this one. If you run a small advertising agency, for example, you can pitch at least 3 proposals per week. If you had hired a freelancer, this would cost you around $600 per month. When compared with the $295, on there are massive savings for a business running a tight budget.

•    Designer replacement

Sometimes the designer you get doesn’t quite get the concept you want to come out in the design. allows you to choose a different designer when this is the case.

•    Time-saving

You will build relationships with your favorite designers on such that you don’t have to go through the process of vetting and selecting a designer each time.

•    Unlimited designs

For a flat $295 fee, you get unlimited designs of different types. You could request a logo design today, a social media banner tomorrow, and an infographic the next day and so on. The beauty of it is that you are allowed to demand unlimited revisions as well.

•    Secure payments

Unlike working with different freelance sites where security arrangements are different, allows you to do a one-time secure payments arrangements. Subsequent payments are done in a secure and fast manner.

•    Elite customer support

You get 24/7 customer support on email, phone, and live chat. Whatever your design wishes are, ensures they are met. is changing the way graphics designing is done. Subscribe today and start saving big on your graphics projects.