Spiritual Growth - What Exactly Is It and How Does It Affect You?


Life can be better for everyone if we focus on solutions instead of pointing out what’s wrong. It would accomplish two purposes: encourage tolerance and attract peaceful and joyful vibrations. We just need to know, understand and accept the idea that we are more than a body. We need to remember that we are spiritual beings. If stories such as “The Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Andersen are used, they will elevate or upgrade some minds on earth.


 In Uplifting Core there are a lot of ideas to apply, a lot of ideas to connect and the best one to use and promote, so many more can live now in heaven.  I’m referring to ideas that bring understanding of the nature and power of spiritual being. I mean you and I when acting without all learned baggage nor garbage but directly from your own experience. And also ideas that help us understand unity, to reveal living now in heaven be able to feel the peace that is in the world already. What if we just pay attention and honor the Word?  Is the Principle working behind the following ideas the same one we call God: Love, Truth, and Life? It is, there is no doubt. It is what activates, what moves us to action.

  1. Rich and poor can either, be happy or miserable; the world is still fascinating for a child even if he bumps his head or burns his finger. The spark of life to begin action is a Mind given. The attitude, a human’s behavior, your will so you can choose an answer or a reaction.

  2. Under similar circumstances, there have been those who took extreme care when sick and last less than those who have no thought on it. Stress has been said to be the cause of about 90% of the illness.

  3. Mystical and paranormal phenomena: Hypnotizers or illusionist have been able to use our senses and make us perceive, see or feel, what they planned. Advertisements compel us to buy things, we don’t need.

  4. Extreme circumstances, or desires, like that one who lifted a car to save his child, has “forced” individuals to perform extreme actions, usually out of love.

  5. The future is in the understanding and use of energy, like Tesla, Einstein and many more have suggested. Recent studies have concluded that there is influence of the researcher on the research, and particles behaving like waves, which opens a door to expect the “impossible”.

  6. More and more healings using only thought. Mary Baker Eddy's application of the principle of Life and Love over the cases she treated, and her success in curing those who were not given hope by allopathic medicine.

  The universal intelligent loving force, probably the one that Jesus was referring to when he said “I can’t do nothing on my own” is acting there, for everyone. And can you imagine one for each one? I don’t think so. Is it in/or the unified field John Hagelin and others have talked about?  There is only one! And belongs in our identity! Is there an “American tree”? No, man says so but it is not true. Get to the facts, there are too many misunderstandings. Everyone has a personal interpretation of facts to prove one right. We must understand that to have an explanation for everything, causes chaos, fights, wars and all kind of trouble.


 Life continues with, or without explanations. To complaint, is to put a veil of resistance that prolongs the evolution of the mind, delaying the realization that we are all connected, and that everyone is meant to shine in their own different way. Allow our Creator to experience life through us while being open to all possibilities and potentialities. It is necessary also to remember what was once said in Mathew “Which of you by being anxious can add a cubit to his height?” and trust that what created our bodies is acting in similar manner in our lives. Be determined to let go and enjoy life admiring nature and all its wonders, not allowing anybody or anything to disturb the peace nor the love, nor the respect and appreciation for all creation.

UPLIFTING CORE is about knowledge and understanding. Have you seen how a child takes life so earnestly? He has no learned limitations, no fears. For a child...life is. Period! 


Uplifting Core…Expression of a soul in poetry and prose with one goal to pursue…to unveil the truth! To help others understand that a high percentage of whatever is in our minds is not real. Lies nowhere to be found! Where is the happiness or anger? We bring them to life with the help of our perceptions, conceptions, reflections, quirks, and so on. No one is better nor worse than anyone else. We, all are the image of the creator. Spiritual beings...the light, the energy, and the love, one for us all: Life, the Principle behind all our relationships which works like the law of gravity.


I encourage tolerance, understanding, and unity, for everyone to move around peaceful and joyful vibrations. As spiritual beings, regardless of nationality, race, religion, etc., we deserve what we were given when created. Let's get back to the essence, get back to truth, to the reality of the humankind where respect and appreciation for oneself as the image of the Almighty is the guiding light. Let's create more stories like “The Ugly Duckling” by Hans Christian Andersen to help in the understanding of the human kind as image and likeness of the Source.


Why wait? In Uplifting Soul, you find ideas to make sense from, ideas to connect, and some others to practice and live now in heaven! With an open mind let's find out whatJesus, Krishna, Buddha, and others knew about, practiced and taught to those who wanted to listen. Remember...the world was believed to be flat and Galileo was sent to the inquisition for affirming that the earth was a sphere.