New Kitchen Appliances That Every Kitchen Should Have

We're seeing some gorgeous colours coming through in several brands, especially retro hues including teal blue, bright orange and lime green. These tones add a great zing to any kitchen, keeping things fresh and fun. However, within the next year there's also a predicted go back to monochrome finishes with clean black and white lines to fit contemporary settings.


Since the 1980s there has been a continuing trend to keep kitchens ecologically sustainable, and small kitchen appliances are no exception. In 2010, be aware of everyday items such as kettles and coffee machines which are doing their bit for the planet, with power and water conserving features, thermal technology, and incorporating sustainable materials such as for example bamboo and recycled plastics.


The trend for multitasking affordable home appliances is gathering momentum, particularly in kitchens where space and time is restricted. Coming through are some clever combinations of microwaves and toaster ovens, food processors which also perform a number of blending and chopping tasks, and dual coffee and spice grinders.


The popularity of reality television shows such as for instance New Zealand's Hottest Home Baker has seen many people remembering the pleasure to getting creative in the kitchen with cakes, biscuits and slices. Manufacturers are responding to this renewed curiosity about baking, with lots of new mixer and food processor models - for both first-time bakers and experienced chefs - set for release in the coming months.